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I'm Anabella. My favorite teams: Flyers, Canucks. I have a weird thing for the Kings too (idek, don't ask).
I live in Spain, so I'm always late rebloging things, sorry about that.

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Half an hour till my bday!


crushes are great until you realize that they’ll never be interested in you 


'no homo' God says as he puts the male g-spot up their anus




Boy: Babe come over
Girl: I can't hockey is on
Boy: I'm horny
Girl: Did I fucking stutter?
upthebugle said:
"even if he looks like the world has betrayed him" is probably the best description of shea weber's expression that i have ever seen (:


Nahhhh he’s fine I mean it’s not like his best friend and d-partner abandoned him to run off with Zach Parise. It’s not like he watches their games as an exercise in masochism.  It’s not like it broke his heart that Parise gets Suter during the season and during the Olympics while Shea just gets him a handful of times a year, from across the ice, as an enemy.  It’s not like it bothers him that he’s so easy to replace.

Shea doesn’t care. He has a dog. And he’s not saying that the world has foresaken him and he’s given up hope on a benevolent God, but at least he knows his dog will never betray him.

(Shea isn’t okay.)


This is just a friendly reminder that Roberto Luongo speaks English, French and Italian.


Hockey Player Logic: but first, let me take a selfie


Here we can see the magical potion all bisexuals must bathe in to maintain their powers.


This game has lasted longer than Jeff Skinner’s whole life.


We know each other inside
out; hair and skin and brains
and souls and we’ve held each
others secrets and hands. We
read silences as easy as words.

I’ve told you to fuck off more
than I’ve told you I love you,
but we both know they mean
the same thing.

You are the one that stays.

I’ve stayed for you too.

We save and have been saved;
we both have scars that only
healed because we’ve had each
others hands to hold the skin

It’s not always easy. I’m kind of
shitty and sometimes you are
too, but we keep making it. We
keep choosing forgiveness.

We are chosen family, platonic
soul mates, support systems,
adventurers and mind readers
and I’m so lucky to have a
partner like you.

anne, “besties” - a list poem created with 33 tumblr’s description of their best friend. (via anneisrestless)
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